Vibes orchid

Phalaenopsis is known for its long shelf life. But for many consumers, care proves to be a challenge. To make watering easier, we have developed an innovative ornamental pot in collaboration with elho: the vibes orchid.


Unique features

What makes this ornamental pot so unique? Besides being sized to match the orchid growing pot, the vibes orchid includes an integrated watering system. This allows the orchid to supply itself with the right amount of water and prevents overwatering! Besides the convenience, it is also a sustainable choice. The pot is made of 100% recycled plastic and is completely recyclable. The pot is available in three trendy colors.


The collaboration between elho and The Orchid Growers is a logical choice. Where elho is the largest supplier of sustainable flower pots, the Phalaenopsis is product number one in flowering houseplants. We both saw the struggle with care as an opportunity. The vibes orchid can be ordered through Floriday. A display was developed for retail that can be used in stores to inspire and educate consumers about the vibes orchid.


On Floriday, there is a special elho collection set up where you can find all the items. Or search by the following grower article codes: TOG17333 to TOG17366, TOG17474 to TOG17535. The display has article code TOG17538.