Our product range

Our range is carefully curated. Our growers work closely with leading breeders and carry out their own breeding and product development work. The result? A unique range of special collections available in pot sizes 7, 9, 12, 17 and 21 cm. This enables us to offer the convenience of a complete product range, so you’ll always find Phalaenopsis in all shapes and sizes under one roof. That’s what we call a one-stop-shop.

Want to know more about the full range we have on offer? Check out our products on Floriday or contact our sales team.

under one roof


On Floriday, there is a special elho collection set up where you can find all the items. Or search by the following grower article codes: TOG17333 to TOG17366, TOG17474 to TOG17535. The display has article code TOG17538.