Meet our growers

Ter Laak Orchids and Orchios are the nurseries behind The Orchid Growers. Two family businesses whose passion for everything that grows and flowers is rooted in the generations. They use their craftsmanship every day to produce top-quality Phalaenopsis. They know their products like the back of their hand and always set the bar a little higher. Each in their own way, but with the same vision and drive.

Where our
orchids come from

Ter Laak Orchids

This is Eduard and Richard ter Laak, owners of Ter Laak Orchids. At their highly automated nurseries in Wateringen (17.5 ha), they produce 9 million Phalaenopsis per year. They do this sustainably, of course, because being green is deeply rooted in their DNA. The aim of their sustainable innovations is to use water, energy and CO2 as economically as possible.

Ter Laak specializes in cultivating Phalaenopsis in pot sizes 9, 12 & 17 cm. They surprise us with exclusive varieties from their own breeding program. Their unique concepts such as Muse, Spirit and Marvellous complete the product range. With the help of a passionate team of 250 employees, they ensure that consumers across Europe enjoy top-quality orchids every day.


Marcel van Os is the driving force behind Orchios. His father and grandfather were both fanatical rose growers, so he developed his passion for horticulture at an early age. After growing this high-end cut flower, Marcel decided to switch to Phalaenopsis cultivation.

Orchios now has two nurseries (4.5 ha), where they grow a wide range of Phalaenopsis in pot sizes 7, 9, 12 and 21 cm. Each year, around 2.5 million plants are delivered to consumers. Orchios is best known for its uniquely shaped orchids with extremely large flowers. At Orchios, creativity and product knowledge go hand in hand, giving rise to exclusive concepts such as Swan, Flow and Moon.