Our brands

Mimesis and Authentic Orchids. Two brands – each with their own story – that help to optimize the retail experience and inspire consumers. Always in their own unique way.

and inspiring


Share your emotions

The plants that meet our highest quality standards leave our nursery under the Mimesis brand. Mimesis is about emotion, sharing and connecting. Mimesis comes from the Greek, and literally means ‘reflection’. When you give an orchid as a gift, it reflects your pride, love or support for another person.

Authentic Orchids

Perfect Imperfection

Every day, we work hard to produce top-quality plants. Nevertheless, our orchids are a product of Mother Nature and are sometimes a bit quirky. Sometimes, a slight cosmetic error occurs here and there during the growth process. But isn’t nature sometimes at its best when it does its own thing? If you ask us, these plants are too good to waste. We always favor quality, but we believe that respecting nature is just as important, if not more so.