Our activities

At The Orchid Growers, we strive for top quality. High-quality plants, plentiful supply and reliable deliveries. But for us, quality goes beyond that. We provide peace of mind and contribute ideas regarding retail environment and consumer by continually surprising and inspiring you with our Mimesis brand. Together, we make a difference and delight consumers around the world.

Making a

Inspiration center

Always inspiring. That’s what our inspiration center is all about. Get to know the Mimesis collection, admire our new products and look ahead to next season. The inspiration center is also where we continually test out our latest ideas and, with the help of our Orchid Store, gain a better understanding of consumers’ wants and needs. This means we can offer proven concepts to our retail customers, who in turn provide their customers with unique insights.

Optimizing the retail environment together

Our collaborations extend beyond just sales. We continually think of ways to optimize our assortment and the overall retail experience with a view to increasing sales on the shop floor. Each customer is unique, of course. And, in order to serve and inspire them in a targeted manner, personal touchpoints and knowledge of the market are essential. Being deeply entrenched in the industry means we quickly find out about the latest developments and market trends. We’re also able to tap into relevant data from our Orchid Store, where we are in direct contact with consumers. This enables us to see what questions they’re asking and how each product is performing. We use the information to continually expand and improve our range, and to share insights.

Quality control

We work with independent quality controllers to ensure the quality of our plants. They verify that our plants meet the product specifications and customer requirements. This is how we guarantee our orchids are top quality.