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The Orchid Growers

The Orchid Growers is the one-stop-shop for high-end Phalaenopsis. Each year, we sell 11,5 million plants destined for retail chains, wholesalers, garden centers and florist shops across Europe. Under our Mimesis brand, we offer a wide selection of varieties and unique concepts in various pot sizes year-round. All grown sustainably, of course. This enables us to offer the convenience of a complete product range, so you’ll always find Phalaenopsis in all shapes and sizes under one roof.

Blooming plant growers join forces in the market

Effective January 1, 2025, Bromelia Specialist, Karma Plants, Van der Voort Potplanten, Concorde Plants, and The Orchid Growers (Ter Laak Orchids and Orchios) will combine their market proposition. On May 17, the parties signed a cooperation agreement to this effect. The growers will establish a new organization focused on the sales and marketing of (flowering) houseplants.

At The Orchid Growers, we strive for top quality. High-quality plants, plentiful supply and reliable deliveries. But for us, quality goes beyond that. We provide peace of mind and contribute ideas regarding retail environment and consumer by continually surprising and inspiring you with our Mimesis brand. Together, we make a difference and delight consumers around the world.

Our range is carefully curated. Our growers work closely with leading breeders and carry out their own breeding and product development work. The result? A unique range of special collections available in pot sizes 7, 9, 12, 17 and 21 cm. This enables us to offer the convenience of a complete product range, so you’ll always find Phalaenopsis in all shapes and sizes under one roof. That’s what we call a one-stop-shop.

Mimesis and Authentic Orchids. Two brands – each with their own story – that help to optimize the retail experience and inspire consumers. Always in their own unique way.

Ter Laak Orchids and Orchios are the nurseries behind The Orchid Growers. Two family businesses whose passion for everything that grows and flowers is rooted in the generations. They use their craftsmanship every day to produce top-quality Phalaenopsis. They know their products like the back of their hand and always set the bar a little higher. Each in their own way, but with the same vision and drive.

Growing top quality Phalaenopsis in fully sustainable nurseries. That is the driving force behind everything our growers do. So, what does this mean to them? They want to minimise their impact on the environment and their surroundings, give waste streams a second life and safeguard their employees’ well-being. In doing so, they are constantly raising the bar. Over the next few years, they will take significant strides to become even more sustainable. The goal for 2030 is to have a fully circular greenhouse. In other words: a greenhouse featuring a closed system, to grow plants with attention for people, the environment and the surrounding area. The aim is to enjoy greenery responsibly, now and in the future.


On Floriday, there is a special elho collection set up where you can find all the items. Or search by the following grower article codes: TOG17333 to TOG17366, TOG17474 to TOG17535. The display has article code TOG17538.